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Kill God Ascend


Kill god ascend When you're in hell The only way to heaven I won't repent I'm standing here armed And ready 'cause I was sent to Kill god ascend Send your best I'm here Waiting for the bell That rings out for my name Chaos descends Let it rain on me Standing in the storm Where life begins again Kill god ascend Climb up that rope When all the wings are broken I won't repent And I won't hesitate When the gates fly open
Living like a number Power stripped away In a system fueled by False identity Statistics in a vacuum With predetermined dreams Everything we once were Given freely to the Nexus black Omniscient state Systematic control Borne from hate Higher power Inviolate Absolute corruption Borne from hate Thoughts within a pattern Craving certainty We eliminate all Actions anarchistic
Spark 03:57
You leave us empty handed to fill your pockets Your empty words fill our hearts With promises of fear and hatred And leave us fighting in the dark You don't give a damn, your just keep your target Trained on your counterpart You talk a lot of revolution If you want a fire, start with a spark Woah The words keep slipping away Woah My faith keep falling away You just call it a game you think you know how to play We call it bullshit, you call it art You think you're safe from revolution All it takes to start a fire, is a little spark
Damnation keeps me alive Boredom will kill me faster than the devil Serpents of eden writhe Inside my heart and guide all my decisions This evil walks by my side The constant rhythm keeps me from a free-fall A perfect heathen's life Far from faith and godly inhibitions Save me I don't think so Carry me I don't think so Save me I don't think so Set me free They'll never let me go Damnation keeps me alive I walk in step with the power of intention I always get what's mine My prayers are promises of armageddon I don't fucking think so, no, no
Forgotten words Unlocked between the lines Glimpses beyond Gleaned from fields united Familiar forms Follow steps retraced in time Drawn to the source A somnambulistic rite From dust we rise And hear the howling void The constant pull towards it To dust, we burn A sight bereft of eyes In dreams we find our way out Blue turns to black In a shifting, shapeless sky Borne through the dusk By an unknowable drive
Empire 04:01
I will not follow the chain of command I will not fight for the empire you've built I will not let you put blood on my hands While you expect me to respect you more than myself I will not kneel for you while you stand I will not accept your words and your truths I am not just what you say that I am And I would rather die than give myself up to you I will not believe everything you say I am not 10 steps behind you, I'm where I want to be I will not follow you in apathy I'm on my own path, get the fuck out of my way
I would do anything To have you back in my arms I would face all the pain To make you stay one more day Like everything, we're all made From the same stuff as stars But that doesn't mean a thing When you've been so far away So take my hand, and tell me again Love is a chemical The difference between stone and skin Is immaterial So look at me, and say you believe Nothing matters to us The difference between stone and skin Is immaterial I would face every fear And brace myself through the dark 'cause I would know that everything Is illusive and and meaningless If matter and energy And rearranged particles Could fill the void that you made And we could restart
Fall into the abyss The blackened heart of darkness We are alone Without a faith to belong to Crawling on bloody fists No reason to exist We've lost control Without a hope to hold on to It's come to this To emptiness We're on the road to the end It's come to this We won't resist We walk the straight line down The world ends tonight The world ends tonight The lambs and the lions Will fight their last fight We'll draw our last breath And see our last light Through plague and through riots The end is in sight Take til there's nothing left Entitled til the end Self-righteous and assured Like jesus christ was your lover Pay later no regrets Like stolen credit cards Obliteration is the cost That you cover
Nightstalker, devilkind Fell into flesh and fire Far from home, fled the hive Lonewalker, banished in time Traded open seas for desert to feel ground beneath my feet Skincrawler, stricken blind Fell so far, in your eyes Traded open seas for desert to feel Ground beneath my feet in a valley of death Traded angel wings for buzzard claws Bound forever Electricity, from your fingertips When you becken, it courses through me Redeeming me Your energy, it elates me When you call me, it courses through me Redeeming me
Turpentine 05:41
Indifferent as nature As unkind as wine As cold as cash And unforgiving as time A promise so empty So sweet we could die As rich as blood And cheap as turpentine A forest of veins Before a hungry wolf's eyes Together we stay And never confront the lie Such a perfect day To open up the sky Return to the flesh When we come down from the high Sympathy for this devil Could make an angel cry From its black, chitinous frame Beats the wings of the divine


There is a Zen teaching that if you meet God on the road, you must kill him.

"Kill God Ascend" is the 5th full-length album from Australian electro-industrial band SHIV-R. What the killing of God means to each listener will be a unique and personal revelation. In a world full of gatekeepers and figureheads whose only interest in you is to tell you what to do, illusions will need to be shed and those who profess to have all the answers will need to be confronted.

While not offering any answers, SHIV-R's newest release comes with a statement courtesy of the album's 6th track, "Empire":

"I'm on my own path. Get the fuck out of my way."

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released June 18, 2021

Music for all songs by Pete Crane and Ben Bulig, except Borne From Hate and Empire
Music for Borne From Hate and Empire by Pete Crane
All lyrics by Pete Crane
Mixed by Pete Crane
Mastered by Ben Bulig
Artwork by Natalie Shau
Layout and graphic design by Juan Espinosa


all rights reserved



Blind Mice Productions Sydney, Australia

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