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Requiem for the Hyperreal


Halo 03:57
Awake in asylum Wrapped up in wires Pain from your spine to your fingernails Vacant and hollow Passive and silent Back from the way down, way down there I want your heartless Moves in the darkness And scratches on my back to remind me of you Passion a fire Left withered and dried up Come down but we’ll never, never land Watching my halo consume its tail It grows smaller 'round my neck Under surveillance from all my angels They see me fall and taste the dirt Reach out and taste it Wanton and faithless Take another hit of the violence in you We’re getting higher And helplessly cry out Feeling more real than reality
Malediction 04:16
A virus borne of your mind You spread and spit with your words That lives wherever it hurts A myth that doesn’t deserve The pleasure and the pain We feed it like carrion Violate, suffocate Whispers in your ear like a malediction Vile hate, in your head Religion is for peasants and politicians A subroutine made alive Unbound, no longer inert A self-made god and a curse A meme, sentient and malign Spreading its wings like a flame We’re in a web that we’ve woven Another day another little fiction to believe Another day another reason to stay down on your knees This is not a statement
Vicious like a cageling Tame like a wolf On the hunt for a plaything Got a taste for blood Hunter to the core Gotta sharpen her claws In the dark stalks a cheshire grin With a taste for blood Pushing through these walls It knows what it wants And it won't be your slave forever High like an angel Devil in her wings Divine while you're faithful Flesh for the machine She’s got a taste for blood Already got prey on the run
Step into the fear And don’t back away It knows when you’re running And quickens its pace It won’t disappear When you turn your face It kicks and it screams And it calls out your name Here in the dark Blackened and silent Here is the voice in your head That keeps you awake Don’t run away Don’t run away Can try to escape But it’s here to stay It’s wearing your skin And laughs in your face It poisons your tongue And it intoxicates It’s made up of you But so far away The violence of angels Won’t save you today
Disconnect 04:36
Disconnect me, throw me away I'll never be top of the line again My shadow taunts me silently I am my own worst enemy Disconnect me, throw me away I’m corrupted and obsolete Condemned to fall with humanity I'd rather burn and be nothing Final generation bound A collective dream of falling Will we ever hit the ground? A day when we all come crashing Disconnect me, throw me away This life, an artificial dream My memories a silent scream A final synapse firing Disconnect me, throw me away Another cog in the machine To propagate the species Was it as good for you as it was for me?
Powerless beneath your fingertips Scratching at the world I used to know If the truth lies in subjectiveness Is it in the high or in the low? Forever fated to your haunted kiss Searching for escape velocity Driven by the torment we exist In a state of mediocrity An idle teardrop Reflecting all this pain A deluge in a heartbeat An idle teardrop inverted galaxy That dies upon your skin Deep inside we share this emptiness Drown it, bury it, we're in control In the real a split second of bliss Exhaled in a single breath out to the cold No escape velocity
Entropy 04:19
Gone without a trace Reduced to our components De-summed and stripped away Drifting apart in entropy Meaning dissipates Paint daubed on a canvas An alloy of our hopes and fears Dissolving in the rain Are you ready for what We know not? Will it be a heaven or hell And will we still feel? Or will we just rot And see the Curtain closing on our final will Unbound beyond the veil In the end it won't be us Who sees the great disorder Disembodied ghosts Unstitched from what informs the real An endless veldt of dust Waiting for the rain to come And create new life To come and wash it all away A weightless silence That leaves us comatose Until we drift too far A breathless high Made poison by the dose You don’t come down; you fall You don’t come down; you fall You don’t come down; you fall
Don’t you have fire in your soul? Let me see it Don’t you have pain in your heart? Let me feel it Didn’t you wish the innocence in your eyes away? Don't you want to feel alive? Don’t you have something to say? Don’t you say you are your own god? So believe it Don’t you want it so hard it hurts? Reach out and take it Didn’t you dream of taking this ride all the way? Don’t you want to see inside? Don’t you have something to say? What you want, you cannot take Because of what you’ve told yourself Behind your teeth, you salivate Afraid of blood your claws might spill What you want, you cannot take Because of what you’ve told yourself But you can’t turn back, now you’ve got a taste Of your violent potential Don’t you say it’s never enough? Come on and prove it Don’t you want to know what you’re worth? You’re gonna lose it Suffering in your own sense of significance Don’t you want to rise above? Don’t you have something to say? In all this chaos You still fear letting go Random existence What are you waiting for? In all this chaos You still fear letting go Without a limit Come on and take it all
Panacea 04:01
Intravenous rose thorns Under the light of the whore A bitter tendril down your throat and pushing up through your sores Into the violence we're born The inner sanctum of war Moral decay another reason to believe We cast a shadow over The light that fires beyond Serrated seraphim exiled to the flesh of the world A dull razor to the throat The catalyst of the fall And then the silence as the pleasure conceals the pain Into the blood spit fire, consuming the circle We live in hell and see heaven below Into the vein strychnine, line becomes the serpent We live in hell and see heaven below You are the one The panacea for our fears Divine and perfect Bathed in our blood And consecrated to believe You’re more than human You are the one The panacea for our fears Divine and perfect We share a dream We’re symbiotic, we’re disease And more than human A beautiful sacrifice For the most violent god A candle burning for that which would snuff the light from the world Worship in silence the one That feeds on nihilism A pretty cure for a monstrous disease A feeling up from your heart That sweeps your skin like a frost Cold sweat and shivers like a lover’s touch consume all that’s real A precious moment is lost An intimate holocaust Love given freely to a thing that doesn’t feel Bleed for me Taste from me Don't pray for me I don't need it
Control Makes you feel so high Pulling wings off flies Inflict the pain that’s been done unto you So small Pretty and refined You study their design Watch their life evaporate because of you And when they wanted to know why This curiosity ‘cause pushing pins through butterflies Is what could make you heal Faking all life's emotions Never found fear, never found love Never found a reason to go on You'll never want what you have Desire Has never made you crawl Had you against the wall Your heart has ever gotten the best of you Inside You feel mechanical You sit like a doll In darkened rooms when no one’s watching you And when you look them in the eyes And see the enemy I know you’re trying to decide What character to play
Apples 03:46
Silhouette in darkness Standing at the door Vacant as a mirror No one looks in anymore Vacuous assailant Attempts to breach the walls Vermin metamorphosed Never to return to form Recognise the pain Trying to resurface I don’t need it anymore Covered by a poultice The wound becomes a scar Footsteps of a ghost Gone like the tide covers the shore Persona non grata Banished from the halls Unseen and unwelcome Left to weather the storm Familiar weight of pain Underneath the surface I don’t need it anymore Turned up empty music Bolted shut the door Painted black the mirror So I can’t look anymore Running all this time From what’s inside
In these walls a paradise At least that’s what we’re told Aren’t you glad you were born right? And so we all echo Sell the chains to the slaves and see How they put themselves in cages of fear Milk and honey all they need We know the value of a life The key is the postcode See an object of desire Pull it down and drag it home Third-world violence scrolling down our screens Show us prisons, show us atrocities Proof enough that we are free Heart of ice, inside you, inside me Can’t survive, without you, the empty Tell me a lie, something comforting Say it softly, sing it like a requiem Milk and honey all I need Post-apartheid got me sitting pretty World’s on fire but not anywhere near me Proof enough that I am free Milk and honey all we need Proof enough that we are free


Australian industrial act SHIV-R return in 2017 with their 4th full-length album "Requiem for the Hyperreal", serving as both a fascinated documentation of the power of delusion and a desperate cry for something real. The album comes after extensive touring of over 20 countries in Europe and North & Central America since their last album, and heavy rotation on alternative dancefloors with their most recent release "On Blackened Wings" hitting #1 in the DAC (German Alternative Charts) in 2015.

At the core of SHIV-R are Pete Crane (vocals & music) and Ben Bulig (music), driven by the need for self-expression and pushing for musical evolution. The music hits PRODIGY-style depth charges and EBM club elements on its way to IAMX-style expressiveness and vocal hooks that wouldn't sound out of place if sung by MARILYN MANSON. Presented with a provocatively dark, lace-filtered visual style, the group is altogether monstrously seductive.

The 12 songs on "Requiem for the Hyperreal" weave a dark, dynamic tapestry that varies from the industrial drive of "Malediction" to the musicbox slither of "Milk and Honey", with Pete Crane's lyrics describing a personification of fear over swampy textures in the song "Here in the Dark" and carving out a manifesto for self-creation over the heavy, broken beats of "Something to Say".

Far from a dream, “Requiem for a Hyperreality” will hit the real world digitally and physically in September 2017.


released September 29, 2017

SHIV-R is:
Pete Crane: Vacuous voices and visceral hallucinations
Ben Bulig: Clockwork machinations and cerebral chaos

Music by Pete Crane and Ben Bulig. Lyrics by Pete Crane. Copyright © 2017.
Produced by SHIV-R. Mixed by Pete Crane. Mastered by Ben Bulig.
Artwork by Natalie Shau. Layout by Juan Espinosa @ Clearshot Design Solutions.
Released by Blind Mice Productions.


all rights reserved



Blind Mice Productions Sydney, Australia

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